The Pirate King - August Period the Fortune Wheel Event

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Earlier in mid-August, the Pirate King is back presents an event update. You can follow the event on Fortune's Wheel, which starts from 20 August to 26 August 2014. In this event, you have the chance to win a pet, until the title Special lho.

During the period of the event to take place, you will see a button in the interface of Wheel of Fortune game.

Description Of Event:

1. the Player with a level 50 and above can join this event;
2. during the event, daily logs get 1 free lucky number, VIP1 level and above get an extra 3 free lucky number;
3. during the event, use the Wizard to all features of the Ship will get a free number 30 times;
4. during the event, you need 20 Gold coin to use Lucky Wheel after Free number you out;
5. You will receive a Free Lucky Wheel per day;
6. If the Player successfully enters the Inner Ring but Free Lucky Wheel has run out you can use the Gold to pass on Lucky Wheel.
7. Daily Number Lucky Wheel depends on Great VIP from the Player;
8. Lucky Wheel will reset at 4: 00 p.m. GMT + 7.

If you are lucky, then you guys will get a prize Pet Bakira and title Pirate Onslaught


Description: + 1 STR, AGI + 1, INT + 1.5 Life + 2% p. Atk + 50 C Atk +. 50 m. Atk + 50 + Life 600

New Pet Bakira
Description: level 85 Characters can use this Pet, maximum skill slot 7, maximum skill level 9, You can find 14 different pet Skill.

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